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altNow in stock, new SUNERGY solar water heaters. - November 22nd 2018

New SUNERGY solar water heaters in stock, available exclusively at S.G.DeFreitas & Co. Ltd.

These new systems have insulated 100% stainless steel tanks with stainless steel outer jacket as well. Mounting brackets are all aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

Get a new SUNERGY solar water heating system, and let the sun pay your heating bills. Click here for more information.


Now in stock - Daikin High Efficiency Inverter Split Units - 15th December 2015

We have just received our new shipment of Daikin High Efficiency Inverter split units. We have high wall, ceiling cassette, and floor/ceiling mounted available.

These units are extremely high efficiency and made by the leading air conditioner manufacturer in the world today. Daikin has been in the forefront of high efficiency units and inverter technology for decades. With our direct partnership with Daikin you can take advantage of their years of experience.

So come and see us, and find out which unit is right for you. And remember, S.G.DeFreitas & Co. Ltd. is the only authorized Daikin dealer in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.



Just in, new split units with Vitamin C filters - 19th May 2015

We have just received a new stock of Peake split units, inverter and standard on/off units. In our continued effort to help reduce ozone depletion along with the National Ozone Unit, all units are available with refrigerant R410A, in-keeping with our decision in November of 2012 to stop all importation of new R22 systems.


New Peake highwall units now come standard with Vitamin C filters. These filters are impregnated with Vitamin C which is then dispersed into the space when the air conditioning unit runs. The added Vitamin C in the air is absorbed through the skin; aiding in stress relief, relaxation and helps to soften your skin.


Just in, new direct replacement for R22 - 23rd Dec 2013

We have just received our new replacement for R22, Cool50 (R424A).  This is a direct replacement, no changes are required to the system.  Simply recover the existing R22, vacuum the system, and recharge with Cool50.  Information on the refrigerant and procedure to change from R22 can be found here.  PT charts will be provided with each purchase of a cylinder.

Prices start from $770.00 for 1-2 cylinders, $730.00 for 3-4 cylinders, and $690.00 for 5 or more cylinders.  All prices are EC dollars and are VAT inclusive.


Job Opportunity - Experienced Technician - 19th June 2013
This position has been filled.  We would like to thank all persons who applied.

Jop Opportunity - Mechanical Engineer - 11th January 2013
This position has been filled.  We would like to thank all persons who applied.

Just in - PEAKE Inverter Systems - 7th January 2012
Now in stock, PEAKE inverter units ranging from 9,000 BTUs to 48,000 BTUs.  All condensing units come with a factory applied anti-corrosive coil coating, to help get the most out of your unit.  Savings range from 30%-50% over a standard air conditioner depending on usage.

High wall units, floor/ceiling units and cassette units available; and as we said before, we no longer import R-22 units, so all of these units are using R-410a, the new industry standard for ozone friendly refrigerants.

Call us today for a quote, so that we can help you, Beat the Heat.

 R134a 12oz cans for $25.00 23rd November 2012
We are now offering our 12oz cans of R134a for the great low price of only $25.00 per can, including VAT.  Perfect for refrigerator and automobile repairs.  This is the lowest price in SVG at the moment, only from S.G.DeFreitas & Co. Ltd. 

New lower price, $22.50 per can, buy 10 cans get 2 FREE! - Updated 21st November 2013


The Move to Go Full Green - 6th November 2012
S.G.DeFreitas & Co. Ltd. is making the move to offering only "green" products and equipment.  We are pleased to announce that we no longer import new R22 air conditioning systems.  All new systems will now be either R410a or R407c, both accepted green alternatives.

We also offer a wide range of other products to help you be more eco-friendly, all while reducing your energy consumption.  Look out for updates to this site showcasing some of what we can offer.  And keep an eye out, as we have big plans on helping everyone become more energy efficient.

Ice-O-Matic - 5th November 2012
S.G.DeFreitas & Co. Ltd. is proud to announce that we are now your local dealer for Ice-O-Matic ice machines, let us help you with all of your ice making needs.